In June 2017 new EU roaming rules will take effect, which will lead to changes to prices for roaming in the EU. We’re changing what you’ll pay when you’re roaming in the whole of our Europe zone.

What these changes mean for you
When you visit a country in our Europe zone, you will:

– Pay the same as you would in the UK to go online, make calls and send texts to any country in our Europe Zone.
– Be able to use your voice, text and data allowances at no extra cost in our Europe Zone
– Pay no more daily roaming fees in our Europe Zone

These changes started on 15 June 2017.

You don’t need to do anything
We’ll apply the changes to your account automatically on 15 June.

If you currently have one of our EU or Ireland Extras that gives you a voice, text or data allowance when you’re roaming in our Europe zone, it’ll no longer be needed so it will be removed from your account. If you currently have a bundle which has a mix of EU and non EU countries from 15 June, EU usage will no longer decrement this bundle leaving a larger ROW allowance at no additional cost.

Need help?
If you want further clarification on these changes, please contact your account manager or take a look at the EE Price Guide for Large Business at